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Customer Service is the only business of its kind with the rich history and deep knowledge base to guide you to outsourcing success, now and for years to come.

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About Vertex Infocom

We are Call Center Business Outsourcing Solution

We are a promising outsourcing service company, providing clients around the world to accomplish enterprise modification and development through assistance that stimulates the process and functional efficiencies. VERTEX INFOCOM provides fully lead generation, inside sales, and back-office services, as well as satisfactory support and inbound call center solution, according to a unique cost-efficient operational model. We objective to streamline the existence of clients and their customers. We deliver inventive practices and techniques, modified to meet our client’s very certain provisions, so they can concentrate on their core business. We have been operating since 2015 with an office in Mumbai (Maharashtra), India. We assist with the procedure and execution of working with your team. VERTEX INFOCOM helps you to analyze the opportunity, organize processes, hire the staff, and facilitate the scaling and management of teams.

About Vertex Infocom

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Our vision is to remain a world-class firm that respects our employees and offers our clients superior services at competitive prices.


Our mission is to remain a world-class entrepreneurial, diversified, and socially responsible growth company that provides high-quality value-added services for our clients.

“We are most trusted call center business platform”

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