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Data Entry

Data entry pertains to input large portions of fundamentals into databases or spreadsheets for record-keeping or estimation. The job generally involves inputting data from forms or other means of a collection into software policies such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, other common database or spreadsheet programs, industry-specific programs, or internally advanced programs designed precisely for the data being received.

Businesses and corporations from an assortment of industries intake data regularly. Hospitals and other medical departments finance plenty in data entry to retain patient lists. Financial institutions, incorporating banks and credit unions, also input a lot of data. Colleges and universities need data entry for student documents and also to categorize and verify information obtained during the research. Autonomous research faculties assign data entry for the same reason. Many other organizations, from retail businesses to government offices, gather data for various purposes.

Non-Voice based processes contain back-office work and other jobs that do not expect one-to-one dealings with your potential customers. However, these businesses may involve computer work such as a payroll or analyst position. It involves authorized work that may contain organizing statements, assembling spreadsheets of daily sales, data entry in specific software, etc.


For Non-voice positions, one must have profound writing abilities and useful computer skills i.e he/she should have detailed familiarity with the office applications such as MS Word, MS Excel. Back office business expects you to do the job fast and with minimal or no errors.

A Non-Voice process is a job that doesn’t need client or customer-facing. Largely jobs are Payroll, medical transcription, chat/email support, encoding/data entry, virtual assistance, social management, etc.

Types of Non-Voice Projects:-

  1. Payroll Processing

Payroll Processing refers to the detailed set of steps pertained to in evaluating the entire payment of each employee. The procedure generally implicates three to four phases and assignments such as defining earnings arrangements, collecting employee database, components, reductions, compensations, and arranging the significant policies about taxes and other adjustments, and again evaluating the total salary after modifying all the company policies. After the salaries are paid, filing, reporting, and providing payslips to employees also falls under the entire payroll processing cycle.


Medical transcription is the manual processing of voice statements instructed by doctors and other healthcare specialists into text format. Healthcare providers voice-record their remarks and transcription is modify the voice files to text, generally in digital layout.


Email Support is an asynchronous contact channel (where the customer and the representative do not need to be attending at the exact moment to connect in a conversation) to settle customer concerns, challenges and problems associating with a product or service.

Email support is one of the primary channels of customer support for most companies today. The majority of customers say that email support is a preferred way to communicate with brands.

Generally, customers reach out to brands using email if they can know an email address on the brand’s website or via its app, or if the customer has already been received an email from the brand that they can solely answer back to.


Chat support is a popular technique of customer service or assistance that offers service to customers through the use of a messaging app or online chatbot. Performed by live agents or through artificial intelligence (AI), chat support supplements extra formal customer service channels, particularly as voice or email. When encouraged by live agents, chat support proposes customers the chance to receive acknowledgements in real-time, while strengthening human relationships and empathy. For firms that option to use a chatbot, assistance can be made accessible at all hours, enabling customers to settle simple issues at any time of day or night.

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