Human Resource Management

The human resources management (HRM)/ payroll cycle is a recurring set of business activities and related data processing operations associated with effectively managing the employee workforce. The more important tasks include the following: recruiting and hiring new employees, training, job assignment, compensation (payroll), performance evaluation, and discharge of employees due to voluntary or involuntary termination.

The HRM-related activities and the collection of information about the use of employee time occur daily. The actual processing of payroll occurs only periodically because in most organizations employees are paid on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis rather than every day.

The HRM/payroll master database provide descriptive information. To more effectively use employees’ knowledge and skills, many organizations have invested in knowledge management systems. Knowledge management systems not only serve as a directory identifying the areas of expertise possessed by individual employees, but also capture and store that knowledge so that it can be shared and used by others. These systems can significantly improve productivity.

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The payroll system has five major sources of inputs. The HRM department provides information about hiring, terminations, and pay-rate changes due to raises and promotions. The checks are the payroll system’s principal output. Employees receive individual pay checks in compensation for their services. A payroll check is sent to the bank to transfer funds from the company’s regular accounts to its payroll account. The payroll system produces a variety of reports for internal and external use.

We explain the controls necessary to ensure not only the reliability of that information but also the safeguarding of the organization’s resources.

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VERTEX INFOCOM  maintains the payroll master data for each of its clients and process payroll for them. A professional employer organization (PEO) not only processes payroll, but also provides HRM services. 

Payroll services  and PEOs are especially attractive to small and midsized businesses for the following reasons.