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Why should one start a call center?

There is no doubt this is a tremendous business venture with massive prospect. In recent years, the telemarketing industry has been enduring a never-ending evolution of between 6.5% and 8% per annum. The mission for companies to enhance their customer service to outperform their competitions has stimulated many firms to outsource their telemarketing to specialists. This is a cost-effective way method that differed from investing in an in-house call center. To succeed, numerous problems have been looked after but you can be ensured to reclaim your capital within the first initial months.

Step 1: You need to have a business strategy that will help you determine the type of Call Center you have to set up. Example – If you are into third-party collections, you will need an outbound structure. If you are delivering customer service, you will want an inbound setup. If you are processing paperwork/forms/etc, you will need a non-voice/data setup.

Step 2: Let’s conclude you are heading into a customer service setup. You will now have to verify the requirements (systems, people, process, and support). keep in mind, these are the 4 pillars of a call center. Plan them in detail and implement them to the last detail.

Step 3: Prepare an RFI and RFP. Get a technical team to install the systems in place. Please identify the most apparent phones, lines, and other systems as this will be an irreversible capital investment. Cisco is the widest phone in India. Desktops may be average. Try maintaining a good solid NOC and IT Infrastructure team. Their main function will be to secure 100% uptime of links and servers at ALL TIMES. We do not wish for instances of applications going down and calls being queued up with no one to help the customers out.

Step 4: Lay down the fundamental strategies and protocols in place. Be it Operations, Human Resource, IT, etc, you need to have strategies laid down in black and white. Pointing on the Operations part of it, please assure that you have listed each process like call flows, SOPs, inter-department communication channels, intra-department communication channels, etc. You should have a strong, simple, and easy-to-follow process organized down for your customers (both internal and external).

Step 5: Prepare a proper estimation for the amount of inbound business you are foreseeing. Workforce administration is of primary significance here. You will have to aspect in numerous matters like new industry metrics, your expenditure, staffing crunches, etc. Calculate a workable IDP to help you climb throughout the the first 6 months. Accordingly, start employing a workforce for your support first, and then go for hiring operational team. We know this may sound a bit strange, but it is reasonable to have your support staff (like facilities, transport, security, etc) in position before your revenue-making team is hired.

Step 6: Begin operations with a gradual cumulative target outline for your call center per month till it surpasses 15% above SLA between you and your enterprise process provider.

This is a summary to assist you to comprehend a format for your call center. The introductory part of establishing it up is a bit daunting task, nonetheless, once you set the ball rolling, you will cherish the wealth.

For opening a call center in India, you need to first “set up a call center business” and then “market (promote) your business” and at last, you require to widen your call center business. Setting up a call center business in India takes these steps:

· Determine the kind of call center that you want to start in India: As there are various types of call centers in India, so you first have to choose which type of call center business you want to set up.

· Contact your state’s Office of Finance and Taxation, check local and state requirements, and complete all necessary paperwork.

· You need to understand and compose your business strategy that contains projected deals over particular times, marketing activities and investments, expenses, cost of equipment, and employee salaries and benefits.

· Invest in the important office pieces of equipment such as computers, office supplies, headsets, phones, telephone lines, a high-speed Internet connection, and so on.

Now, the next significant thing that occurs is marketing your Call Center Business:-

· Contact an inside sales department of huge companies that are involved with selling a variation of products or services. Or do an online search for other call centers that outsource their work to look for clients.

· Advertise your enterprise with the support of fresh and small print ads in local business publications, prep a business page on many social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc., create your website, Join local experienced organizations, and so on.

Next is you need to broaden your call center business:

· Hire employees who have outstanding conversation skills and decision-making capacities and most importantly people who have experience in call center services.

· Look out for lease space in a building that has durable Internet and phone connections.

· Get specialized and then target niche markets for utilizing a call center.

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